About the DVD

This DVD was a project of love and aloha. I wanted to include elements that have been deeply healing for me on my own journey. It is my hope that this practice will provide some healing energy, and encouragement for your journey as well. 

Filmed on a beautiful day on the Kona Coast of Hawaii, this program offers stunning footage and is sure to give you a feel of being on the island. Relax and unwind to the sounds of Hawaii, traditional music and chant and the rhythmic ocean tides. Let stress and tension melt away and tap into the sacred mana, found not only here in Hawaii but deep within your own being. 

Hawaiian Healing Yoga DVD - Feel the Mana is a gift of Aloha. From our home to yours​, enjoy a gentle yoga flow to heal your body, mind , and soul. Great for Beginners! Set up a home retreat, and whisk yourself away on a tropical journey within. 

 The DVD provides the option to choose a specific chapter if you don't have time to complete the full hour. Or you can choose to focus on a specific area of the body that needs attention.

  • Upper Body Warm Up-Works the neck, shoulders, and upper back.
  • Lower Body Warm Up-Works the hips, legs, and lower back.
  • Healthy Spine-Focuses on healthy movement through all six spinal directions.
  • Standing Sequence 1-Energizing, full body moving mediation. 
  • Standing Sequence 2-Strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.
  • Final floor Sequence-Grounding energy as we begin to unwind.
  • Final Relaxation Savasana-Absorb and assimilate the healing energy of your practice. Final relaxation is SO wonderful!

​The complete DVD runs 60 minutes and includes traditional Hawaiian music from Makaha Sons, Cyril Pahinui, Teresa Bright, and 'a'lea. I am so thrilled with the music as it really adds that special Hawaiian touch to the practice. Also, an added Hawaiian feature are the four chants (oli) that I share in the opening and closing practice. These are very special oil's written by revered Kumu's (teachers) Auntie Edith Kanaka'ole, Keala Ching, Connie Rios, and Auntie Pilahi Paki. 

Special Mahalo to Adam Palumbo of Big Island Designs for an incredible job of photography, filming and editing the final project. We could not have done this without you, Mahalo!

This DVD is designed for all levels of yoga practitioners. Feel free to modify in anyway that feels comfortable and beneficial to your practice. Know when to be gentle with yourself, or when it's right to advance a posture. Please listen to the wisdom of your body, as only you know what feels 'pono' (right). As with any exercise program, please consult your physician before trying any yoga, breathing, and/or meditation practice. 

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana (with warmest aloha).

DVD Testimonials

​Mahalo Stacey for this gift of your Hawaiian Healing Yoga DVD. I have been practicing yoga for at least 20 years and this is the first time I have been able to spend one hour doing yoga and not hurt myself. I heal, in fact, when I take the time to be with your DVD.

Mana T., HI/OR

Hawaiian Healing Yoga is fantastic! Stacey is a great teacher who truly understands the mind/body/spirit connection of yoga and life. The DVD has really helped to bring me into balance and I recommend it highly. Thank you, Stacey, for this gift of healing!​

J.D.K., Kailu-Kona, HI.

​The setting for Stacey's DVD brings a tranquility and warmth that we can only imagine during our long Canadian winters. Her instructions are clear and thoughtfully conveyed; although far away, it seemed that Stacey was in the room with me, encouraging and correcting my position changes with loving kindness. It was wonderful to learn that another beautiful language can express the peace and strength that Yoga brings. I look forward to future DVD's from Stacey so that I can bring the beauty and warmth of Hawaii and the healing qualities of Yoga into my home once again. I anticipate sharing this DVD with friend and clients that would benefit from Stacey's guidance. 

Lynn, B., Ontario, Canada

​Hawaiian Healing Yoga transports you to a feeling of profound peace and aloha. In this engaging and uplifting DVD, Stacey, through her healing yoga sequences, shares the authentic essence of Hawaii. For anyone interested in increasing their vitality, peace and joy, Hawaiian Healing Yoga will refresh your body, soothe your mind and awaken your spirit. 

Randy T., Palo Alto, CA.

For many years I found comfort in my Iyengar practice. Then about three years ago I injured my knee, partly from pushing myself too hard in my practice, and partly because of some basic weakness in my knees. After struggling for months, I unhappily gave up yoga for the next three years. When I met Stacey, I was deeply moved by her personal presence, and by her natural ability to inspire. I was deeply in need of the kind of inspiration Stacey gave me through her presence, to give yoga another try. I found her approach inspirational, with her blend of yoga and Hawaiian tradition. It was also gentle enough, that I can do my own practice in my home with Stacey's DVD, and feel confident that I am not pushing myself toward another injury. I do have other Yoga DVD's, but Stacey's is my favorite. 

Ann L., Kailua-Kona