Personal Fitness Training with Dan

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90 minute Personal Healing Yoga Sessions

Private Healing Session (One Person) 90 minutes - $75 +tax

Semi Private Healing Session (Two People) 90 minutes- $85+ tax

Private Group Yoga Healing Session 90 minutes (3-10 Persons) - $100 +tax

All Private Hawaiian Healing Yoga Sessions are designed to give you individual attention and meet you where you are on your journey to wholeness. Everyone is different, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; therefore, sessions are tailored to assist you in the best possible way for your body type, level of experience, and goals for healing. Whether you are faced with a specific condition and are looking for some rehabilitative assistance, or you simply want to experience a wonderful healing session, your body/mind will appreciate the profound sense of wellness facilitated by a private session. Call to book appointment 808.325.0889 

Private One Person Healing Sessions include: Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa Flow or Yoga Therapy depending on your preference: Meditation / Guided Healing Visualization / Thai Yoga Bodywork, Hawaiian Oli (chant) / and Sound Energy Healing with Crystal & Tibetan Bowls. Option to switch the Thai Yoga Bodywork for a Reiki Session is available. 

Semi-Private & Group Healing Session include: Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa Flow depending on your preference / Meditation Guided Healing Visualization and Sound Energy Healing with Crystal & Tibetan Bowls. 

Benefits of Yoga Energy Healing Work

  • Yoga Healing represents a way of life, practiced by millions of people around the world to improve and maintain health. A consistent practice will help you meet day to day challenges with energy while remaining calm & relaxed inside.
  • The most powerful tool for centering is your breath, most of us don't know that stress has reversed our natural breathing rhythm. Find out how to breathe correctly for optimal stress free living.
  • ​A decrease in physical, mental/emotional aches and pains helps to re-align your spirit as well. Less stress in the body/mind equals less stress in everyday life.
  • ​The first noticeable benefit is usually a feeling of relaxation & wellbeing. Becoming aware of which parts of your body are tense and how to relax them results in a calmer body and mind system.
  • These sessions flow into other areas of your life allowing for a more relaxed, healthy, and joyful approach to daily activities. 

​Please note that semi-private and group privates do not include Thai Yoga Bodywork or Reiki Energy Work. Semi Private & Group sessions focus on deep release of tension through Yoga stretching, Breathwork, and Guided Healing Visualization with Sound Energy Healing included.  

Ike Aku, iki mai, kokua aku, kokua mai; pela iho la ka nohana 'oha

Recognize others, be recognized,, help others, be helped: such is a family relationship.


Holistic Health & Positive Life Coaching

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